Smart Invoice Management for SAP – Part 1 of 3

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Smart Invoice Management is the bedrock of any healthy finance team.

Invoices are vital to any businesses ongoing success and growth, so it’s important you get it right!

The majority of businesses have now implemented electronic invoicing at its most basic level- manually attaching a PDF to an email and sending it to the recipient. This was a great solution when it was released, as it overcame the invoice challenges for its time. However, businesses are now demanding more from their invoice management and are looking for faster and more streamlined approaches with less manual intervention…

2018 Invoice Management Benefits:

  • Trace customer open rates
  • Pro-active invoice payment reminders
  • Retrieve and resend invoices in seconds 
  • No more bandwidth heavy PDF attachments 
  • Full automation 
  • Empower suppliers to monitor invoice statuses
  • Match invoices to PO’s & contracts to reduce discrepancies 

Our 3-part e-invocing series:

  • 1st March – Formatting
  • 29th March – Distribution, replay
  • 3rd May – Automation, register

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