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Moving Your Critical Document Workflows to the Cloud: What to Consider

It’s a rare company that is not moving away from proprietary on premise-applications toward Software as a Service (SaaS) and the cloud. Many are already well along this path which, while not always following a straight line, leads to opportunities for efficiencies at each stage. This e-book addresses some of the challenges you are likely to face as you plan for this journey, undertake it, and attempt to derive value from your investments.

Despite their reputation, documents are of data and from data, and are still the primary avenue for meaningful communication between businesses, customers, and internal stakeholders. When managed well, documents add context to what is being presented in a way that raw data does not.

Taking things one step further, we believe that a cloud architecture – whether public, private or hybrid – is the obvious place to store, manage, and share most documents and their related workflows.

This ebook will examine;

  • Challenges and recommended approaches
  • Short and long-term planning
  • Evaluation
  • Choosing the right project
  • Choosing the right provider(s)

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