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Compleo Invoice Platforme


Managing invoices can be a complex and time-consuming task, often involving manual data entry, errors, and delays. The Compleo Invoice Platform transforms this process, leveraging AI to automate collection, verification, and integration of supplier invoices, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. With our platform, benefit from a comprehensive solution that supports quick decision-making and adapts to your changing business needs

Compleo Invoice Platforme


Empower Your Accounts Payable with AI and Automation

Leverage the Compleo Invoice Platform to revolutionize your invoice management process. Our platform uses Artificial Intelligence to ensure a seamless, error-free experience, offering:

  • 3-Way Matching Made Easy:
    Instantly verify invoices against purchase orders and goods received notes, all within a single interface. This centralized approach not only streamlines approvals but also significantly reduces processing errors, ensuring consistency across banking information and quantities.

  • Fraud Prevention and Regulatory:
    Keep a chronological record of the entire supplier invoice lifecycle, from reception to payment, enhancing traceability and security. Our platform facilitates compliance with audit trails and automatically verifies critical supplier information to safeguard against fraud.

  • Decision Support System:
    Compleo’s digitization accelerates decision-making by providing real-time data and automated workflow capabilities. It streamlines the validation process, ensuring that decision-makers have immediate access to accurate information, leading to quicker approvals and responses to changing market conditions. The system’s automated rules and alerts mean that managers can make informed decisions faster, with all necessary data at their fingertips, and without manual data compilation delays.


Seamlessly Connect with Any ERP System

Compleo Invoice Platform effortlessly integrates with any ERP system through robust API capabilities for streamlined invoice management. It automatically syncs invoice data, providing a plug-and-play approach that enhances operational efficiency. Our unified platform centralizes the invoice receipt process, fostering better collaboration without unnecessary ERP complexity. Real-time synchronization keeps your financial systems current, crucial for agile decision-making and maintaining operational efficiency.

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Case study

Axens’ Journey to Efficient Invoice Management with Compleo

Axens aimed to modernize its invoice management to enhance efficiency and integrate smoothly with its SAP system. Compleo Invoice Platform provided a solution by automating the processing and verification of invoices. This upgrade significantly reduced manual efforts and improved the accuracy and speed of handling large volumes of invoices, aligning with Axens’ goal for a more streamlined and efficient process. For a comprehensive understanding, refer to Symtrax’s detailed case study on Axens

Our solution

Join Leading Companies in Streamlining Your Invoice Process

Hear from companies like Axens and others who have transformed their invoice management process with Compleo Invoice Platform. Experience the difference in productivity, efficiency, and security by scheduling a demo or consultation with our experts today. Embark on your journey towards a streamlined, error-free invoice management system that grows with your business.

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Parsing Data

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Collaboration and Integration with AP System

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