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Globalization has become a buzzword. But what does it mean concretely for your company? Sure enough, new export opportunities, hence communicating with new customers in their own language. It also means sourcing materials on the cheapest and most efficient markets, challenging vendors worldwide, or adapting to ever changing regulations.

And how do you adapt your business documents to multiple languages? Compleo Suite offers a comprehensive feature to adapt document templates to each language.

Logistics can be a rough department: missing or wrongly filled documents, or delays in getting them, mean trucks or ships are blocked and this may have huge financial consequences.

With a solution meant for business users such as Compleo Suite, you can:

  • Automatically adapt export documents to every country or language
  • Access digitally stored documents from everywhere
  • Design delivery workflows on your own
  • Spend less time checking and more time improving productivity

Why use Compleo Suite to adapt your document templates to multiple languages?

Language detection through a variable

When your ERP provides a set of documents for different countries (e.g. a batch invoicing process creates one spool for several areas), the country name, or even the language code will be used as a variable by Compleo Layout or Compleo Designer. No need to have a document template per language.

Reusable translation file

Compleo Suite allows you to create a translation file which will be safely stored in its database and will be used for all your document templates. Moreover, a versioning feature lets you come back to past version if necessary.

What makes Compleo Suite different from other solutions?

Offer Web and Mobile document access to ease communication between Carriers, Supply Chain, and Warehouse.
A central and secured repository automatically fed by shipping documents generated by ERP provides real time and direct access to Bill of Lading, Delivery Notes, Packing List, etc.

Address diversity of shipments and transportation with tailored documents
Easily customize all shipping documents with modern transportation request such as Maxicode, certificate attachments, ISO compliance icons or destination language.

An improvement not requiring IT Applications changes necessarily
Existing documents are enhanced with digital technologies immediately upon production. The solution offers Cloud storage capabilities independent to your ERP while still linked to it.

Centralization of all business documents
A unique indexed repository to browse all logistics related documents.

What are the key technical and architecture elements of Compleo Suite?

Don’t code, design

QR Code, Maxicode, Datamatrix, EAN 8, 3/5 interleaved, code 128, GS1 – 128, PDF417, SSCC… you name it, we have it.

A missing data in your ERP? A need to include data from your carrier partner? Easily query a database and enrich your labels, bills of lading or delivery notes.

Increase productivity by reusing object “bricks” from one template to the other.

Streamlined compliance with regulations

ISO, GS1, Odette, UBL, EDIFACT… These are just a few of the norms and regulations our customers fulfilled thanks to our Document Management Solution.

Architecture options: on-premise, hybrid or SaaS

You may want to keep control of your IT internally, externalize parts of it or choose a full SaaS solution. In any case, Compleo Suite will remain the same, with the same features and technical abilities.

Safe repository for your templates

Store your label & document templates in a centralized SQL database and keep a template versioning for backup, traceability and quality assurance purposes. No document loss. No duplication risk.