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The time saved is phenomenal. In 5 or 10 minutes, the quote is signed, compared to several days previously with editing, emailing, printing, manual signing, and scanning.

Anthony Willekens
Application Manager at POwR Connect.

POwR Connect’s objective was to professionalize its processes and optimize operational efficiency by replacing time-consuming manual tasks with fully automated processes by implementing an electronic signature solution.


Context and initial requirements

The company’s initial context was characterized primarily by handwritten documents, sent via email in the form of PDF files. In this context, three types of documents needed to be automated within the company: account openings, quotes, and delivery notes.

For account openings, the company sends a PDF file requesting its customer to complete it and provide supporting documents. However, these documents were often incorrectly completed or incomplete, resulting in delays in account openings and additional email exchanges.

The process for quotes and delivery notes was similar: they were filled out and signed manually, then stamped by the company. The document was then scanned and sent to the customer in PDF format. The customer had to print it out, sign it by hand, and return it by email. These manual processes were time-consuming and inefficient.


 Implementation of electronic signature – Choosing the Compleo WebSign solution

In response to these operational inefficiencies, POwR Connect aimed to deploy a SaaS electronic signature solution to automate its processes and enhance the experience of its customers and account managers.

The company opted for Symtrax’s electronic signature solution, Compleo WebSign, which was seamlessly integrated with its CRM (SOEMAN) and ERP system (SAP Business One). The successful integration of Compleo WebSign with existing systems played a pivotal role in the solution selection process.

POwR Connect was looking for a solution that could integrate with its users’ software, a requirement that was challenging but essential to the decision-making process.

“The objective was to ensure that our users could continue using their software without changing their usual way of doing things” Anthony Willekens, Application Manager at POwR Connect.


The challenges   

Compleo WebSign was deployed to meet several specific business needs. Firstly, it facilitated the optimization of its sales processes and account openings, all achieved with rapid implementation. The company faced significant challenges in its quest to enhance professionalism, assist customers in document completion, and support account managers in improving efficiency.

Using the Compleo WebSign solution, the company is guaranteed to receive complete documents, which results in significant time savings.  What’s more, Compleo WebSign’s integration with ERP and CRM allows for automated data entry, a considerable advantage for the company. The Compleo WebSign platform can retrieve information already entered in the CRM, saving users from the need to re-enter data and automating many low-value-added tasks.  


 Integration and synchronization: a tailor-made electronic signature solution

Now, for quotes and delivery notes, a simple click in the SAP Business One ERP generates a URL link that is automatically integrated into the PDF document. This PDF is then sent to the manager, who can forward the link to the customer for signature. Once signed with Compleo WebSign, the manager is notified by email, and the document is automatically attached to SAP B1. A draft order is then created without the manager having to manually convert the quote into an order.

For account openings, the CRM generates a CSV file with customer information. This file is sent to Compleo WebSign, which automatically sends an email to the customer with two links: one to complete and sign the account opening document pre-filled with their information and another to attach supporting documents (bank statements, company registration). Once the document has been signed, the file is placed in pending status in the CRM for validation by the account managers.

Compleo WebSign also offers many advanced features, such as customizable workflows, two-factor authentication, traceability of all actions with the creation of an audit trail, and more.


Significant benefits

The benefits observed following the implementation of Compleo Websign at POwR Connect are manifold:

  • Time savings: sales representatives can now quickly convert quotes without the need for additional tools or exchanges, significantly reducing the time between document generation and customer signature.

“The time saved is phenomenal. In 5 or 10 minutes, the quote is signed, compared to several days previously with editing, emailing, printing, manual signing, and scanning.” Anthony Willekens.

  • Increased security: the electronic signature offers a professional and reassuring aspect for both customers and the company, providing proof of commitment. It secures the account openings, quoting, and delivery note validation processes, strengthening stakeholder trust.
  • Modernization of practices: electronic signature enables processes to be modernized without requiring users to change their habits.

Although the exact quantification of these benefits has yet to be established, the automation of workflows has significantly accelerated processes, reduced document processing times, and improved overall efficiency. What’s more, the adoption of the solution by sales representatives suggests a positive impact on conversion rates in the medium term, with positive feedback observed in the first few uses.


Why choose Symtrax?

Symtrax’s teams demonstrated remarkable responsiveness, availability, and flexibility during this project. Their ability to respond to requests quickly and efficiently throughout the process reinforced POwR Group’s confidence in Symtrax’s ability to deliver.

“The Symtrax teams have always been available and responsive in their communication, and they offered a quick solution that integrated perfectly with our existing workflows. We were also looking for a human-sized structure that would suit us, and Symtrax met all our criteria.” Anthony Willekens

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POwR Connect is a division of POwR Group, the French market leader with over 15 years of experience in the distribution and storage of photovoltaic materials.

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