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Digitization initiatives need to be worked upon with more vigor and intensity as in this day and age, not adapting to digital change can keep you from manifesting a competitive edge in the market.
What’s even more imperative is to analyze, assess, and formulate critical aspects of your organization that can attain greater efficiency and productivity if those business processes are digitized.
Approval procedures and documentation are the backbone of a lot of business processes. This makes document management a prime area for digitization and transformation efforts.
Join us for a webinar as we will be discussing the relevance of digitization in document management, and the benefits it holds for your business altogether.
A snippet of the topics that we will look upon:

  • Digitization of critical approval procedures, document storage in central repositories and retrieval.
  • Digital signing (remote or central) and e-signing with a cloud-based solution for a complete paperless process.
  • EDI capabilities for automated distribution of documents to meet customer/vendor requirements.
  • Process automation with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to leverage critical business processes.
Presented by
Jagruti Kale
Solution Consultant