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EDI has constantly proven to have a catalytic impact on business processes and has managed to stay relevant through ubiquitously advancing technologies. Having a successful supply chain means a healthy corporate network of smooth functioning documentation processes which in turn systematize and speed up all essential cycles that follow.

With the right EDI solution, communicate securely with your trading partners and facilitate completion of your transactions in days instead of weeks.

We're bringing forward another webinar to delineate EDI capabilities and how can we help you reach your digital transformation goals with an effective solution:

  • Automated supply chain processes such as: invoice processes, PO to SO automation, GRN automation, exchange of Advanced Shipping Notice, debit notes, credit notes, etc.
  • Integrated workflows, approvals, and storage for easier documentation and hierarchical compliance procedures.
  • Deployment options with on-premise and cloud capabilities to best fit your business needs.
  • Secure and robust infrastructure and scalability to accommodate your ever-growing business requirements.
  • End-to-end automation to accentuate critical cycles such as procurement process(P2P) and order to cash(O2C).
  • Further integration with various technologies like APIs and SaaS compatibility to provide smoother information exchange.
  • Real-time updates and convenient accessibility to data.

This webinar shares insights on the subtleties of having an EDI implementation, and how can it channelize your digitization efforts to further strengthen the core aspects that lies at the foundation of your organization.

Join us!

Presented by
Jagruti Kale
Solution Consultant