Centralized Digital HR Document Management

Simplify and Centralize the Digital Storage of all HR Documents

All too often, HR departments find it difficult to organize and access critical employee documents. Whether it be the filing and organization process or the retrieval of files upon request, this process takes time and is highly prone to human error. This can become especially troublesome when it comes time for audits or the need to recall documents on-demand. Fostering an inefficient working environment for HR results in more time spent filing and locating documents rather than focusing on ensuring that your organization provides a safe and positive working environment for your employees.

Our solution for

Digitally Managing HR Documents and Ensuring Compliance and Precision

The addition of a centralized and digital solution for your HR Document Management is the best way to maximize the efficiency of your HR department. Allowing for instant access to all employee documents will save time in both the filing and retrieval processes, while also eliminating the possibility of misplaced or duplicate files. Not to mention, the simplicity of handling all HR documentation for multi-site businesses.


of Improved HR Document Management

  • Intelligently store, share, and retrieve employee HR documents in a centralized location
  • Sign off on and review employee documents
  • Streamline HR communication process
  • Implemented via the cloud, hosted, or locally
  • Highly flexible – Multi channel input
  • Can be implemented internally by IT or externally by Symtrax

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