Individual Digital Signature on SAP Business Documents

Efficiently Automate Digital Signing and Printing Processes of SAP documents

Provide SAP Users the Ability to Preview, Digitally Sign and Automatically Distribute Signed Copies

Bulk Digital Signing and Printing Automation

The SAP end user is displayed the list of documents requiring approval before printing or distribution. Multiple documents may be selected and approved at once using a local individual PFX or USB smart card(*). A personalized wet ink signature can be applied as well. A streamlined approval workflow eases Supply Chain processes, and ensures compliance with regulations.

SAP Expanded Organizations May Deploy Flexible and Individual Digital Signatures

More flexible than HSM Hardware Security Module and as effective. SAP Users may come and go in the digital signature process, documents workflow and routing does not require changes in SAP. Finally the digitally signed PDF is stored in SAP, whether on a content server or DMS, for audit and legal compliance and achieve traceability and governance.

Document Approval Accountability Enforcement

SAP Users are provided with a user-friendly interface and using the solution is very intuitive and straightforward. No hidden automation approval replacing an individual SAP User decision.

Compleo - An SAP Certified Solution for Individual or Bulk Document Processing


Provide SAP Users a secured and user-friendly solution. Whether digital signature comes from a central PFX file or a laptop USB dongle key.  This SAP Certified solution offers individual or bulk document processing.

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