Automate your incoming documents using an AI & ML-Powered Solution

Did you know that manually entering just one of your customer orders into your ERP can take more than 4 minutes?

Manually entering all your customer orders into the ERP system is a considerable waste of time for your sales, finance, and accounts departments.

Symtrax has decided to integrate Microsoft Azure Form Recognizer powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to address this problem.

Using Machine Learning, data from any document can be extracted and integrated automatically.

Our Compleo Hybrid Solution coupled with Azure Form Recognizer technology provides:

  • Increased processing speed
  • Commercially viable solution
  • Better agility to suit the ever-changing business needs
  • Automatic data integration and capability to meet regulatory compliances
  • Data reliability and no manual errors

Watch this webinar to learn more about achieving operational excellence through AI and ML-enabled smart data capture solutions for incoming documents

Through a demo, we explain how to collect all relevant data from an incoming document and thus make your organization data-driven!