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Add digital signatures

Sign and Validate documents with Digital Signature

Traditionally signing documents can lead to unwanted manual hiccups. Manually handling bulk signing can lead to errors, not to mention frequent delays and unnecessary consumption of resource. So, what you need is a solution that can validate documents with digital signature and control the overall automation of business documents.

Go paperless and digitally sign business documents, regardless of whether you are in office or not. With the digital document signing solution offered by Symtrax, watch your business evolve and adapt to these ever-changing technological needs.

Compleo Suite helps you digitally sign business documents

  • Using Compleo Suite, you can quickly and securely send, sign and approve documents. Furthermore, this grants you flexibility, as users can sign anytime, anywhere.
  • Digitally sign documents in bulk for convenience. Invoices, GST invoices, sales orders, purchase orders, and other business documents, can all benefit from complete end-to-end automation.
  • These documents can be digitally distributed helping you go paperless. In addition, you can manage multiple remote sites signing and printing needs, using Compleo Remote Agent.

A flexible digital signature solution

Compleo Suite grants you the option to digitally sign PDFs via multiple sources, such as HSM, server-stored signatures (PFX), and dongle/Smartcard-based signatures. This allows you to seamlessly integrate our solution into your existing infrastructure and adapt to changing compliance frameworks.

Enhance any SAP process requiring digital signature

With the ability to grab any SAP document upon release, Compleo makes signing invoices easier. Specifically, our SAP BC-XOM and RFC connectors let you manage any document format, including iDoc, PDF, or XML, and deploy in real time.

Track the complete life cycle of each document with end-to-end automation

What’s more, you can ensure audit compliance and security.

Meet all audit compliance needs: email digitally signed invoices, send access codes through SMS, add comments, customize electronic signatures (with name and title_, apply digital signatures, and track signer details including GPS localization and IP address.

In summary, these features helps strengthen your digital signature workflow without changing existing processes.

Compleo Suite - An SAP compatible solution

Add digital signatures

Complete automation and traceability:
Compleo Suite manages all aspects of each transaction, from creating and sending documents to signing and managing them. With Compleo, you can see results in weeks instead of months, save money, and improve your user experience. In addition, we ensure security and transparency, including timestamps for audit compliance.

Add digital signatures

Prioritize fast implementation and scalable solution architecture:
Compleo lets you smoothly scale up your existing architecture to meet increased workloads without disruption. Accelerate your business processes with quick and easy implementation.

Add digital signatures

Safeguard data integrity:
Not only does Compleo assist process management, it offers secure signature and approval functions for confidentiality. Therefore, you can control data access using secure codes and key permissions.

Build on cutting-edge AI technology:
Compleo integrates with the latest AI to automatically direct email to each recipient. As a result, you can reduce your reliance on manual input.

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