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Need to process shipping and logistics documents?

The last few decades have seen a revolution for both web and brick-and-mortar businesses. Goods are now stored in warehouses far form the customers but need to be delivered almost instantaneously.

At the same time, giant logistics platforms have emerged, offering external storage and delivery thanks to waves of technological breakthroughs. Regulatory changes, new markets, mergers and acquisitions all require logistics and shipping processes to adapt quickly.

How can Compleo Suite add value to your department?

Logistics can be demanding. Missing documents, errors, or trucking and shipping delays can all add up to huge financial consequences.

With a solution meant for business users such as Compleo Suite, you can:

  • Automatically adapt export documents to every country or language
  • Access digitally stored documents from everywhere
  • Design delivery workflows on your own
  • Save time and improve productivity

For several years we have been using the Compleo solution we have never had any problems or major breakdown. The solution is reliable and adaptive, for example the migration from SAP 4.6 to ECC6 EHP6 (Unicode) it went very well with very little work to do on the Compleo side.

Emmanuel DUC
IT Manager at Novoferm,

Why use Compleo Suite to improve your logistics document processes?


Easy labeling
With Compleo Layout, shipping labels are designed in snapshot. No matter where the data originates from, you can create labels with the barcode, format, and text you prefer.


Intuitive UI
Compleo Suite allows your company to easily adapt to changing work environments. Manage up-to-date production orders, picking lists, pallet labels, delivery notes, export documents, and more.


Optimized processes
In a word where speed is key, you can reorganize your logistics or shipping processes in minutes with Compleo Reviewer, .


Centralized document management
Using a solution independent from your IT system increases flexibility, standardizes department practices, and improves efficiency.

What makes Compleo Suite different from other solutions?

Offer web and mobile document access

Ease communication between carrier, supply chain, and warehouse. A central, secured repository receives ERP-generated shipping documents automatically. This system also provides direct, real-time access to bills of lading, delivery notes, packing lists, and more.

Address a variety of shipments with tailored documents

Easily customize all shipping documents to match modern transportation needs. Add new elements such as Maxicode, certificate attachments, ISO compliance icons, or destination language.

No IT application changes required

Existing documents are enhanced with digital technologies immediately upon production. The solution offers cloud storage capabilities that work independently of your ERP while still linked to them.

Complete business document centralization

Maintain a unique indexed repository to browse all logistics-related documents.

What are the key technical and architectural elements of Compleo Suite?

Don’t code: design

QR Code, Maxicode, Datamatrix, EAN 8, 3/5 interleaved, code 128, GS1 – 128, PDF417, SSCC: you name it, we have it.

Missing data in your ERP? Need to include carrier partner data? Easily query a database and enrich your labels, bills of lading or delivery notes.

Increase productivity by reusing object “bricks” from one template to the other.

Streamlined compliance with regulations

ISO, GS1, Odette, UBL, and EDIFACT: These are just a few of the norms and regulations our customers fulfilled thanks to our document management solution.

Architecture options: choose from on-premises, hybrid, or SaaS

You may choose to keep control of your IT internal, externalize parts of it, or implement a full SaaS solution. Whatever you choose, Compleo Suite will remain the same, with the same features and technical abilities.

A safe repository for your templates

Store label & document templates in a centralized SQL database and keep a template version for backup, traceability, and quality assurance purposes: No document loss or risk of duplication.

Want to transform your shipping documents?

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