Validation and signature

Sign, trace, and audit documents across platforms.

Fast implementation with minimum maintenance

Get digital signature solutions working within weeks, not months. Deliver your completely customized workflow as per end user needs, with a quick turnaround time that makes it easy to handle changes to requests.

Flexible architecture

What kind of implementation works best for you? Scale your document approval system with load balancing and parallel processing capabilities. Grow to match your business needs while staying competitive and choose from centralized and de-centralized e-signature solutions. Accommodate different departments as well as compliance frameworks for desired results.

Complete automation

Implement end-to-end Automation, no manual intervention needed. Remove the risk of human error and ensure audit compliance with an electronic signature tool. Go from ERP document extraction to distribution for end customers, all in a matter of seconds.
Apply the same workflow to invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes, and purchase requisitions, among other business documents.

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  • ECC6, Hana, S/4Hana
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  • IBM Business Partner
Business Applications
  • Microsoft Gold Certification


Most frequent questions and answers

An electronic signature is an electronic symbol indicating the intent to sign and identifies both the source and authors of a document. By contrast, a digital signature secures document integrity and carries a certificate of authorization.

Once approved, this action secures the entire PDF document using an electronic signature. This workflow uses automation to apply the digital signature.

This could mean that the signer’s certificate can’t be verified or that they are not added as a “trusted signer” in your Windows store. It may also indicate no internet access, or that the signer certificate’s validity date has expired.

It provides document traceability. Embedded properties such as the source file name, initial PDF creation date, User-id, system-id, and GPS data can enrich document identity when applying electronic signatures.

Our solutions are compatible with multiple kinds of digital signatures including USB Tokens, PFX signatures, and signatures stored in HSM devices. Feel free to consult us

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