Order and purchase processes

Expedite business document operations with innovative digital workflows.

Ensure document consistency

Let’s face it: Maintaining an efficient Order-to-Cash (O2C), Procure-to-Pay, or Purchase-to-Pay process can come with a few hurdles. Manual input errors and other issues often cause delays, requiring additional effort to keep things running smoothly.

In contrast, Compleo lets users review forms and ensure accuracy during O2C  or Procure-to-Pay cycles.

Get instant notification

Vendors can receive automatic email notifications about their sales orders, so they stay informed from beginning to end. Similarly, customers can access and read purchase order notifications to keep track of Procure-to-Pay interactions.

Process invoices and purchase orders faster
Automate invoice enrichment and distribution for your customers via email, ensuring a quick, reliable, and traceable document lifecycle. Easily involve decision makers for purchase order approval with a digital PO workflow.

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  • ECC6, Hana, S/4Hana
  • SAP-certified solution
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  • IBM Business Partner
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  • Microsoft Gold Certification


Most frequent questions and answers

We use SAP standard functions, such as BAPI calls through SAP RFC standard protocol. This means solution implementation will not affect SAP upgrades or transports. The same goes for SAP Material Management or any other module.

SAP provides a standard way to integrate, and that’s what we use. There is no ABAP or specific Zfunction required.  We have multiple SAP connectors that can accommodate your specific needs. The intuitive GUI of Compleo helps to maintain and change the process to be more flexible.

Once the IT Admin has authorized the connection, implementation time ranges from 1 to 3 days on average. The exact time may vary based on the complexity of your document processes.

Compleo allows IBMi users to retain their current functionality. In addition, Compleo includes all common document processing features, such as preview, validation, signature, email, and other document-related features that may be missing from your ERP, CRM, or BPM.

Symtrax can match any O2C or Purchase-to-Pay business requirements and integrate with existing IT structures using Compleo Suite’s various connectors. Each company can tailor document content and workflows to fit into its organization and handle products or services delivered. Whether you need to improve a specific function, replace manual steps, or automate an existing workflow, Compleo handles digital transformation without disruption.

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