Manage invoices quickly and easily

Automate e-invoices and distribution

Cut the average cost of processing a paper invoice by a third. Deliver electronic invoice links automatically via email to avoid time consuming tasks and reduce billing times. You can also automate accounting tasks to stay responsive while improving your organization’s cash flow, drastically decreasing days sales outstanding.

Eliminate manual procedures

Simplify your electronic invoicing system and eliminate potential manual operation errors. Boost your business productivity with a versatile, adaptable solution that integrates with enterprise market software, including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Oracle, and more. Handle both structured and unstructured e-invoices, from XML UBL/EDI to signed PDF and PDF/A documents.

Track your bills electronically

Guarantee e-invoice traceability, accessibility, and integrity for each transaction. Whether your billing volumes are low or high, our solution fits your needs. Plan for the full document life cycle with retention and validation through our electronic invoicing solutions. 

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  • ECC6, Hana, S/4Hana
  • SAP-certified solution
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  • IBM i, Linux
  • IBM Business Partner
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  • Microsoft Gold Certification


Most frequent questions and answers

Our solution suite, Compleo, can work with any type of PDF, XML, or spool files and convert them into another format. Compleo can even transform XML file structure into another one to adapt to partner or platform needs.

Each invoice’s metadata can be indexed in a storage module, allowing you to see when they were created, stored, and viewed.

Adding a digital certificate confirms document integrity and the identity of the sender. This adds security and can render an electronic invoice as legally authentic as a traditional one, depending on regional regulations.

Compleo Suite, our document management software, allows you to convert PDFs into XML files and automatically load them onto a business platform (such as PEPPOL in Europe, for example).

If you automate invoice storage and send a unique URL linking to each one, you can receive a notification informing you when your customer clicks on the link. This includes every step of the process, from releasing an e-invoice via the ERP to reader acknowledgement.

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