Enhance & Upgrade Your Documents

Reformat output documents, easily customise and directly edit documents in order to track changes in your business and meet ever changing needs

Modernise your documents with no development expertise

Simplify document maintenance

Create Your Business Documents

With Compleo Layout facilitate the formatting of outbound items from an ERP for a modern and aesthetic look. Documents can be enriched with external elements such as barcodes, QR codes, images, graphics and even texts. Use and dynamically insert information from databases or related documents.

Profit From All Distribution Channels

Reduce distribution costs by optimising document diffusion to recipients : smart printing , paperless , digital routing ( SMS & email) and web publications.

Gain Greater Independence & Responsiveness

Easily set up your document processes with an easy to use interface. Free yourself from the constraints of the WYSIWYG development with an intuitive interface.

Manage Your Multilingual Documents

The design and maintenance of multilingual documents are simplified by using a single form. Labels, logos and clauses are automatically adjusted for each country.

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Compleo Layout

You can do so much more with Compleo Suite

Centralize All Your Printing Workflows with Compleo Print Manager

Archive Documents & Make Them Instantly Available with Compleo Archivor

Validate Your Documents Without Printing with Compleo Reviewer

Automatically Edit Your Document processing with Compleo Supervisor

Convert Your Documents Into XML Files with Compleo for XML

Create Structured Documents from your ERP with Compleo Designer

Convert Your Documents Into Business Reports with Compleo Explorer

Validate and print your documents on demand