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Automate communication between your applications and those of your partners, customers and suppliers.

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Use the XML format for your document processes

Companies have an ever increasing need to exchange information internally and with their partners.
XML is the universal format for integration processes, document management and the exchange between information systems. Regardless of the platform or operating system, Compleo for XML provides a rapid implementation response to automate the transmission of XML files.

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The Benefits of a XML File Conversion Tool Like Compleo for XML

Use the Standard

The XML format is accepted in many industries, thus benefit from an economical alternative to EDI.
Define your own tags or retrieve existing XML schema to facilitate interoperability with your partners.

Automate XML File Creation

Compleo for XML turns your IT infrastructure competitive by organising your XML outputs from your original applications. Whatever your ERP may be. Without programming.

Simplify Data Portability Between Applications

Automate your processes and save in administrative costs through the exchange of applications and inter -business exchange (EDI) made possible with the XML stream. Thus removing manual processes and type errors. The transmission of XML files is possible via: webservice , email, FTP, etc

Offer New Services

Combined with other modules of the suite, Compleo for XML provides a simple solution for paperless receipts .
Deliver a PDF to your clients and a signed XML file integrated within their accounts or indexed in their GED.

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What our customers said about Compleo for XML

We had to respond quickly to an AVS a number change (social security No. in Switzerland ) by transferring our XML feeds to all of our branches. Compleo XML allowed us to execute this change in a few days. We now use it for all dematerialised electronic invoices, I had quick return on my investment

Didier Lambert, Desk Manager @ ADECCO

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