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The exchange of data files between business partners has become common practice in the professional environment. Making raw data readable for all is often a challenge for companies, but this task must respect the constraints of responsiveness and reduce delays.
Compleo Designer enables document creation from multiple data sources (relational database) or structured files (XML, CSV, IDOC, XSF, RDI for SAP) .

Create Your Documents Without Development Knowledge

Exploit Your Multi-Source Data

Personalise the Distribution of Your Documents

The Benefits of a Structured File Formatting Tool Like Compleo Designer

Create Documents in Minutes

Insert external elements: Secure your documents with an electronic signature, add your company logo, create dynamic tables, include a barcode for each item on a delivery.

Customized Office Documents Made Available

All Word or Excel documents are completed from your corporate data resulting in a neat presentation of your letters and reports.
The sales reports, inventory and accounting documents are dynamically generated and distributed electronically or saved and made available.

A Solution to Multi-Distribution Channel Broadcasting Without Constraints

The distribution criteria is easily customisable to suit your needs. Then choose the best way to distribute your reports: email, FTP , fax, Publication SharePoint etc

Gain Independence, Responsiveness & Quality of Service

Gain independence , responsiveness and quality of service

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What our customers said about Compleo Designer

Compleo Suite is central to CAVIMAC. All that is archived, sent and made available to our pensioners passes through a dedicated process and is automated, this simply mails a personalised collection form. Designer is both powerful and intuitive. Creating a document has become easy and fast.

Dominique Cacavelli, Data Administrator @ CAVIMAC

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