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Sign business documents wherever you are and make validation simple, both internally and with your partners

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Signing documents manually can be a time and paper-consuming task, especially for your business partners. Compleo WebSign allows you to sign your documents electronically and securely send them to their recipients. A simple click on a link sent via email is enough to access, view, and validate each document by digitally signing it.
Avoid paper prints

Avoid paper prints

Improve approval times

Increase productivity

The benefits of an electronic signature solution like Compleo WebSign

Sign your documents directly online ...

You can sign quotes, contracts, and purchase orders, all by clicking on an emailed link.

...wherever you are

The Compleo WebSign interface is fully online, responsive, and both iOS and Android compatible. Adapt to the devices your recipients already use, both internally and externally.

Handle large volumes of documents

With automation, you can validate up to 50,000 documents per day from your applications and store them either internally or in the cloud.

Allow business partners to customize their signatures

Your partners have three digital signature options for each document: they can enter their name in the font of their choice, insert a saved image of their signature, or sign directly on the screen.

Reduce printing costs and increase productivity

Reduce printing costs and increase productivity

Avoid paper printing and transform your consultation, sending, or archiving to be more productive.

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