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What we have heard?

We have a large volume of invoices from multiple suppliers and out AP team has to manually match each invoice with the corresponding PO (Purchase Order) and GRN (Goods Receipt Note) before processing payment. This results in delays, errors, and high processing costs. We need an automated solution that can streamline our invoice matching process, reduce errors, and improve efficiency.

– Procurement Head, Manufacturing


With multiple customers sending large volume of purchase orders in various formats pdf, email and scanned images, our sales team manually extracts data from these documents and creates sales orders in our ERP. This process incurs delays, error and high processing cost.

– IT Head, Manufacturing







Our Solution


Document Processing
with Workflow

Compleo enables you completely digitize your supplier ecosystem, by providing them various options to exchanges documents:

  • API: Using API based EDI integration, suppliers can directly deposit documents in Compleo Gateway.
  • Web Portal: Using Compleo Gateway Web portal, suppliers can directly upload invoices, purchase orders and other business documents.
  • Folder Supervision: Using Compleo Gateway client installed in suppliers environment supervises their folder to capture files directly from the folder location.


with Workflow

Digitally signing documents helps eliminate physical dependencies and save resources. Whatever your needs, Compleo integrates with your current ERP to make it easy to contact all recipients.

Our complete end-to-end solution automates your e-signature process, eliminating the need for programming or unnecessary email attachments. Take a secure, streamlined approach that turns raw data into signed PDFs with minimal input and lets you customize your workflow as per your business needs.




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