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What we have heard?

Our P2P process is complex and involves multiple departments, including procurement, finance, and suppliers. It is difficult to maintain accurate records and track spending, and we are often faced with compliance issues. We need an automated solution that can provide us with greater visibility and control over our procurement and spending, and detect and prevent fraudulent activities

– Procurement Head, Manufacturing


With multiple customers sending large volume of purchase orders in various formats pdf, email and scanned images, our sales team manually extracts data from these documents and creates sales orders in our ERP. This process incurs delays, error and high processing cost.

– IT Head, Manufacturing







Our Solution


P2P Automation

Empower your team to do more with less effort and boost efficiency with Symtrax automation solution, while staying compliant. Processes you can automate with Compleo:

  • Purchase Requisition: PR created in SAP is sent for review based on condition set.
  • Purchase Order Creation: PO created in SAP and signed PO automatically sent to vendor.
  • GRN creation: Automate GRN creation directly into SAP, automate the MIGO process.
  • Automatic MIRO: Automate 3-way matching and MIRO process.


Digital Signature
with Workflow

  • Easy B2B integration with SAP or any other ERP systems 
  • Remotely sign business documents with a digital signature certificate stored in USB tokens, or centrally sign using HSM 
  • Automate the distribution of digitally signed documents using multi-channel distribution via EDI
  • Simultaneously pushback the signed document to the ERP 





Say goodbye to tedious manual processes and hello to efficiency


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